Summer Solstice

Today is the Summer Solstice, celebrated with festivals and rites reaching from Scandinavia to North Africa, marks the  sun's maxium height in the sky, making it  the  longest day and shortest night of  the year.  Before the calendar was changed  in the 18th century, the  Solstice was celebrated on the 4th of July. Now the date of … Continue reading Summer Solstice


What Maya Angelou Gave To Me

When I was a kid, after Saturday chores were done, I was allowed to go "bike riding". Bike riding usually meant taking off on my bike and riding to wherever I found myself for an entire afternoon. Times were different back then if you were a trustworthy kid.  You could take off on your bike … Continue reading What Maya Angelou Gave To Me

The Other Side of Letting Go

A few years ago I seemingly sat powerless and watched as  life as I knew it simply dismantled itself. It felt as though everything I cared for and loved was stripped away; those things that I cherished best most in the world, the things that helped provide a firm foundation on which I could stand, … Continue reading The Other Side of Letting Go