I Edit

I’ll help you. How?

I talk with you so I get a good idea of who you are and what you want to say or present.

I take your words and transform them to sound more like what you really want to say.

I work with you making sure that your written message conveys every tidbit of what you want it to.

There are no “grades” or criticisms.

This isn’t high school English.

The finished copy will sound like you.

I nurture and cultivate your voice while fixing whatever isn’t working for you or your readers.

Simply, I am here to help.

Okay, how? What is editing, really?

My editing skill set includes substantive or structural editing, copy editing, proofreading, and guidance in American copyright laws and the international Creative Commons movement. Here’s how I can help you.

Substantive or structural editing.

This is concept stuff, like the foundation of a building. I pinpoint the comprehensive themes of in your writing and make certain that they are organized and clear; I can point to your project’s cement and mix it so that the framework sits securely and the beams won’t split apart.

Copy editing.

This is editing at the sentence and paragraph level. Here, I make certain that your grammar, syntax, tone, spelling, and sentence structure all follow established rules and guidelines within your genre. I help you safeguard that the siding is on straight, the art on the walls will all hang on the level; even when the door slams.


The final touch before printing or pressing “publish.” Proofreading is that last look to make sure that everything is as it should be in a final copy. This is when you make sure that the pillows are fluffed, the rugs are straight and the mantle is dusted.

Copyright and Creative Commons.

Copyright law has become a Gothic labyrinth. With vague signs pointing the way, boggy and brackish language, and Goblin Kings lurking around every dimly lit corner, I can help guide the way to finding what you need to do to protect your work and secure the rights of others to use in your work. If you own the estate the labyrinth sits on, we can talk about  getting copyright permissions for you. Better, though, is to check out the white knight of the Creative Commons.

Let’s get started!


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