Virginia | 2015

A brief statement of my tendencies and beliefs.

I write words about a variety of topics, I create art and adornments and immerse myself in spirit.

I divine and give readings, play with roots and herbs, direct universal energy and light candles for everything.

I sometimes brew potions, grind powders, make dolls and consort with those of like mind, familiar ilk and blessed spirit.

I don’t commune with dead stuff or play with bones and skins much but some of my best friends do.

I am a dismal failure at pessimism, snap judgments, and sticking labels on people.

I tend to be rather introverted but people who know me tend to think of me as extroverted because once you get to know me, I talk a lot.

I have a passion for  alcoholics and addicts, survivors of all kinds of abuse because that is my personal background.

I also have a passion for artists, writers and other creative peeps because that is also my personal history.

Often times, they are one in the same. It’s ok. I multi-task well.

I learn new stuff everyday, welcome new knowledge and the flexibility to remain fluid and teachable.

I am  deep-feeling,  deep thinking, intensely bright, sensitive, wise,  and self-aware.

I am also full of glorious imperfection and grace.

I am on a new adventure with my partner and best friend and our bulldog.

Synchronicity is everywhere. Everything happens for a reason. The Universe is communicating constantly with us connecting us with divine energies and spirits.

I believe that  they have purposes that sometimes align with our own and sometimes do not and there’s no harm in asking.

I believe that the best way to give thanks for my place in the world is to share what I know, to act with kindness in most things, and to live life rather than to just survive it.

I used cloak who I was in the shadows of old beliefs in the past. Now I don’t.

I follow my heart but have learned to take my head with me.

I assist other beings in learning how to accomplish this for themselves.

If I can’t help, the chances are good I know someone who can.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and am always surprised when someone honors it.

I honor it in other people.

I see you.

I don’t fit in either.