I Write

I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil.

My background is in creative writing; specializing in creative non-fiction and poetry and I have degrees in Journalism and Philosophy. Most of my published writing is academic and business-oriented. A significant part of my professional writing and editing has included rewriting and honing ideas, executive and virtual assistance  and using web technology such as blogs and community sites to help people develop sustainable self employment.

I specialize in crisp clarity, nurturing your voice, authenticity in your message, creating space for ideas to grow, offering inspiration, and allowing you to clear your brain of some of the jumbled thoughts that frequently live there.

I have worked on a range of materials, from academic articles to web content and copy writing. I have written (and edited) articles, essays, e-zines, print magazines, handouts, handbooks, product descriptions, catalogs, manuals, tutorials, walkthroughs,  book chapters, books, memoirs, poetry,  punch lists, content calendars, worksheets, content marketing, blog posts and pages, artist statements, resumes, CVs, media kits and portfolios,  grant proposals and more, since 1990.

From fine art and photography, academic to not-for-profit to business to new technologies to business writing, I have assisted  many writers, professionals and organizations to cultivate their best messages.

 I work primarily with passionate creatives, social entrepreneurs and other exceptional beings and their artistic, events, ventures and organizations.

Ready? Set! Go!


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